Make a difference.

CRARN helps children in Nigeria,
 Akwa Ibom State, who had been accused of possessing witchcraft power and got ejected.
inside crarn center

Elijah, Mary and Robinson after school in the CRARN Center

Every Child in CRARN
had a hard story,
but there is hope.

By providing professional psychological & medical help against the scares from torture, we try our best to give the children a normal life back. 

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Providing a Safe Place To Grow Up

One of our main focuses is to provide a safe place for the children.  Many of them still have neighbours, family members or villagers that want to harm them. As  some of the people believe so unimaginably strong in witchcraft.


Victor Feb. 2021 on the streets


Victor June 2021 in CRARN Center

Our Main Goals

These are our goals for every child that gets rescued by CRARN or is brought to us.

CRARN needs your help to support the children & its work.