Rescue of a Child Burnt with Hot Knives Over‪ ‎Witchcraft Accusation

Children's Stories

Victor’s mother who came from Ikot Uso Ekong, Eket, Nigeria took him to stay with her new husband who had previously divorced two wives.

After the death of Victor’s mother, he was accused of killing his mother. Since then, he endured systematic torture. His stepfather usually tied his two hands and legs, steamed knives in the fire until they were really red then used the knives and be burning Victor while asking him to make a confession. It did not stop there. In the nights, his stepfather would tie both his hands and legs, suspend him with ropes from the roof as his head dangled downward while whipping him with sticks. Last week, while Victor’s stepfather was torturing him, the young lad escaped when he went to get his burning knives to continue with his horrendous torture. Victor then ran to a nearby bush and took refuge in a market before he was rescued by CRARN volunteers.

The case has been lodged with the Eket Division Police Headquarters for investigation.

However, Victor who is now nine years old is currently receiving medical attention in a private clinic. He will be taken for psychiatric evaluation afterwards, as the CRARN nursing officer said he was presented with symptoms of depression too.


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